Primus Moja Stove

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Primus Moja Stove

This single burner stove is easy to carry along, yet robust enough to hold bigger pots. A perfect sidekick when cooking over an open fire, when an extra burner is needed while barbequing, or is the optimum solution when creating an ultra-compact kitchen-solution in a boat/van. If planning for a large group for the jumbo batch of Paella, remove the lid to gain extra space and have the pot centered over the flame. The powerful 3000 W burner with precise flame control allows for boiling or frying with accurate heat. Removable stainless steel burner grate and drip tray make for easy cleanup, and a wood trimmed handle ensures a comfortable grip and locks the stove closed when bringing the Moja along.

Primus Moja Stove Specifications & Features:

For the times when one extra burner would be nice or is just enough, the Moja Single burner stove is the perfect solution.

Streamlined, light and compact single burner stove for easy transport
Removable lid ensures the stove can be used 360˚, and holds larger pots
Durable powder coated steel lid and base hold up to years of use while the aluminum sides lighten the load
Designed to be carried, the wood-trimmed handle locks the stove closed while a spring-action locking mechanism keeps the regulator in place
Removable enameled steel pot supports and stainless steel drip tray for easy cleaning
Invented in Sweden, made in Europe
Gas NOT included

Material: Aluminium, Brass, Oak wood, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel

Height: 7,8 cm
Width: 26,6 cm
Depth: 29,5 cm
Weight: 2300 g

Group size: 1 - 4 People
Igniter: Without Piezo Igniter
Boiling Time Regular Pot: 4.20 min
Power: 3000 W
Gas included: No