Silva 58 Kayak Compass

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Silva 58 Kayak Compass
58 Kayak is your most trustworthy friend on the kayak! It’s small, lightweight and has a unique attachment solution developed for kayaks. This is the perfect kayak compass for serious paddlers.

With the 58 Kayak you never need to drop your gaze from the horizon to check your course. The possibility to locate the compass right in front of you makes it easy to read without letting go of the paddle. The rubber straps with clips attach easily to the deck lines, without any need to drill in the deck.

The kayak compass is waterproof and has scratch-resistant glass. It will endure even the toughest conditions.
Silva 58 Kayak Compass Specifications and Features:

The rubber straps are easily fastened at any standard kayak
Endures tough treatment in rough conditions
Keeps in place, even in rough conditions
Withstands tough weather conditions
Compact lightweight design – won’t weigh down the kayak.
Rubber straps for steady mounting, even in the toughest conditions.
Custom-made for Kayaks – fasten the rubber straps with the Kayak nobs.
Robust and durable.
Fully waterproof with scratch-resistant glass.
The Silva quality ensures durability and excellent readability; the capsule bowl is made from clear and scratch-resistant acrylic. The combination of a sapphire jewel bearing and a hardened steel pivot minimizes friction, which in turn gives rapid and accurate movements. Silva marine compasses have a no-spin compass card is designed for perfect dampening and exact reading. You can trust that even when your boat is exposed to rough seas the gimballed suspension system makes sure the functionality is never disturbed hence you will always be able to read the compass accurately.