Snugpak 2ND Skinz Base Layer

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Snugpak 2ND Skinz Base Layer

Temperature controlled Coolmax® baselayer

Snugpak 2nd Skinz Coolmax Long Sleeve Top works by mopping up any perspiration created by the active body. Ideal for hiking, sports, working outdoors and pretty much any other activity where you need to stay cool or warm and dry. The superfine internal hairs search for excess moisture to absorb then wick over a larger surface area keeping the body warm when cold and cooling the body off when it starts to over-heat.

So the 2nd Skinz Coolmax Long Sleeve Top doesn't only adjust the body’s temperature to the climate but also keeps the body more hygienic. The casual fit means that these are comfortable to wear and don’t inhibit movement. They also come in a handy carry case which can be used over and over again to easily transport your 2nd Skinz Coolmax Long Sleeve Top, or any other essentials needed on your trip.

Snugpak 2ND Skinz Base Layer & Features Specifications:
Weight: 260g / 9oz (Medium)
Pack Size: 20cm x 12cm / 8" x 5"
Fit: Relaxed Fit
Origin: Imported
Coolmax® fabric - stay warm on cool days and cool on warm days
Permanent moisture management performance
Relaxed fit that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t inhibit movement
Reusable packaging carry case
Outer Fabric: Coolmax 94% Polyester / 6% Elastine
Colours & Sizes Available
Colours Available: Black
Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL