Snugpak PakBox Travel Organiser

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Snugpak PakBox Travel Organiser
For storage and protection of clothing, essential items, and equipment, the Pakbox Range of lightweight, functional storage containers come in a range of four sizes, including 1L, 2L, 4L and 6L that can be used individually or stacked vertically or horizontally. Designed to complement both on-the-move storage in packs and rucksacks, as well as more traditional cases, the Pakboxes have a see-through mesh cover, allowing you to quickly identify and select required equipment, as well as easy storage of clothing and accessories.
With robust rip-stop materials, and zippers, the Pakboxes can be stored inside Snugpak Dri-Saks for complete environment protection for your clothing and equipment.
Whether you are storing smaller items of equipment whilst on the move, or packing larger quantities of clothing and accessories, the Pakboxes provide excellent storage and protection in a lightweight multifunctional design.
Group small items together, store your bivvi bag and tent, or compress clothes for that long venture overseas, the Pakboxes allow compartmentalisation of your equipment, creating more space within your pack, as well as making items easily identifiable for later use. These boxes are the perfect complement to Snugpak clothing and accessories and can even be used for underbed storage. Vertical or horizontal stacking of Pakboxes means that you will never lose that important item again, whether you are on a venture, or just looking after everything at home.
What we say-
A bit of kit you may look at and think why?
But then you use them and understand why, Hears how we use ours in our camper van and overland rig! Not only does it keep everything neat and tidy but it also makes things so easy to lay your hands on.
No more pulling out all of your clothes to find a pair of socks at the bottom of the bag!! We also keep a spare larger on for keeping worn and dirty clothes separate.
Other uses we have found -
Great for storing tarps/bivi bags/ hammocks
Keeping chargers/ cables and other electronic separate in your pack
Keeping off road gear tidy in the truck, like shackles/snatch straps
Snugpak PakBox Travel Organiser Specifications & Features:
Supplied in Four sizes:
Pakbox 1 (80g): 20cm(H) x 13cm(W) x 8cm(D)
Pakbox 2 (100g): 21cm(H) x 21cm(W) x 8cm(D)
Pakbox 4 (160g): 27.5cm(H) x 28.5cm(W) x 8.5cm(D)
Pakbox 6 (200g): 33.5cm(H) x 35cm(W) x 9.5cm(D)
Compact design
Fully zipped
Robust rip stop fabric
Mesh front
Carry handle
Perfect to help organise your suitcase or rucksack