SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord 550 50 ft

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SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord 550 50 ft

 The Fire Lite Tinder Cord in the 550 Grade is a 7 strand paracord and easy-to-use fire starter in one with a waxed cotton inner core. Durable enough to take on any adventure, tie down your gear, or start a fire with ease. The polyester outer sheath provides a rugged protective layer for the ignitable waxed cotton inner core. Whether you pack it in your emergency kit or wrap it around your water bottle, the Fire Lite™ Tinder Cord is a multi-purpose life-saving tool.

SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord 550 50 ft Specifications & Features:

Tinder Core
Peel back the polyester outer sheath to ignite the waxed cotton core.
550 Grade
Easy handling and great for tying down gear or a tent.
7 Inner Strands
Tease out inner strands to use for gear repair, fishing line and more.
High Visibility
Bright, reflective orange helps when looking for gear and during a rescue.

Package Weight: 5.6 oz.