Tops Knives Wilderness Guide 4.0

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Tops Knives Wilderness Guide 4.0
A result of long thought and substantial input from professional Outdoorsmen.

Going into the remote wilderness on an expedition, a weekend trip, or just shaking free of the world at large? This is back country living in the wild, untamed, awe-inspiring locations, it just heightens all our senses.

Nature is dominant, and situations are real-life, in real-time. Living in these conditions can be fulfilling, with self-reliance a challenge and a positive attitude becomes a part of your everyday existence.

The World may hold the thought that the Wilderness is a place of great healing and inspiration. By definition, it is a wild and uncultivated region such as a forest or desert, uninhabited or inhabited by wild animals. Also defined as 'the most natural areas left on the planet without roads or industrial infrastructure.

What is a Wilderness Guide?

To some a rugged guy, who lives out in the Bush, or a person who loves being an active part of the outdoors, acquiring knowledge, sharing and preserving it.

The professionals with this knowledge are responsible for those persons that they guide: They anticipate potential problems, minimize the risk and prevent accidents, provide immediate medical attention if required, develop a comfort zone in nature.

This is combined with education and stewardship of remote areas, woods and waters.

The development of our Wilderness Guide knife is a result of long-thought and substantial input from professional Outdoorsmen. With some 16 million backpackers just in the USA, plus all the Mountain Bikers, Trekkers, Sea Kayakers, Climbers, and Survivalists, we realize that no one knife would do it for all. Therefore, this design is highly functional, using 1/8" thick, easy to re-sharpen, 1095 High Carbon alloy.

It has an exceptionally wide blade (1 1/2") with a blade length of 4 1/2", and generally suits a wide variety of outdoor requirements.

Leo Espinoza designed a very functional handle that fits the hand well with excellent traction and a slight recurve at the back to keep the grip secure in wet conditions. This is a great addition to any outdoorsman's gear.


USA made emergency whistle (126 DB)
Dog tag sized signal mirror
Steel snap link
Fresnel lens
12 feet of trail marking tape (hunter's orange)
Liquid filled compass


Tops Knives Wilderness Guide 4.0 Specifications & Features:
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 8.75"
Blade Length 4.25"
Blade Thickness 0.130"
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Black Traction Coating
Handle Material Tan Canvas Micarta
Knife Weight 6.5 oz
Weight w/ Sheath 10.7 oz
Sheath Weight 4.2 oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Coyote Tan Ballistic Nylon
Sheath Clip Molle Backing
Designer Leo Espinoza