Tops Knives Emergency Signal Mirror

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Tops Knives Emergency Signal Mirror

There mirrors are excellent items to have for emergency situations.

It's great insurance for hiking, biking, rafting, camping, climbing, or any other outdoor activity. The mirrors are small enough to have everyone in the family wear one around their neck, in their pocket, in a wallet, or carry them in your Bug-Out-Bag

If there is ever a chance you could find yourself lost, a mirror like this is a vital item to help those searching for you, find your location. Just look through the hole in the middle of the mirror, find the target you want to see the reflection and turn the mirror slightly forward and backward repeatedly to "shine" the mirror.


Tops Knives Emergency Signal Mirror Specifications & Features:

Overall Length 2.06"
Perfect for anyone spending time out in the field
Signal using sunlight in emergency situations
Great for survival kits and bug out bags
1 x Mirror Only / single unit no packaging