Tred Pro Mounting Bracket

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Tred Pro Mounting Bracket

TQRMK - Tred Quick Release Mounting Kit

Updated Version

The TRED Quick Release Mounting Kit makes installing a recovery board to your vehicle or trailer a breeze. The combo of TRED Mounting Baseplate and TRED Quick Release Pins with a ratchet handle design allows for quicker and more user-friendly operation. ;.

Tred Pro Mounting Bracket Specifications & Features:

The TRED Mounting Bracket is suitable for TRED Pro, TRED HD, TRED GT, TRED 1100, TRED 800 & Other Manufacturers Boards

• Corrosion Resistant
Made from the highest quality aluminium and reinforced nylon

• Australian Made
Proudly Australian made, owned and operated by 4x4 enthusiasts

• Quick Release Twist
when you need to get your TRED's in a hurry

• Easy & Versatile Installation
Tie, strap, bolt or screw to virtually anywhere

• 12 Month Warranty
with great quality, comes great confidence

Lockable with a padlock for added security (TRED recommends a 30mm padlock with a 5mm shackle)
Unique design will mount up to four TRED GT, HD, or PRO model recovery boards
Stainless steel hardware for securing the pins to baseplate is included
Recessed plate mount securing holes
Flush slot covers included


As pictured.