Wazoo Firecard

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Wazoo Firecard

The FireCard™ is a burnable credit-card-sized fire starter designed to fit in your wallet, pocket, or phone case. Designed for multiple or single uses. Scrape off just a little to turn a spark into a flame, or light the whole card ablaze for those really tough conditions.

WARNING: Highly flammable. Read all warning labels before using.

Wazoo Firecard Specifications & Features:

3-Pack of FireCards™
Size: Credit-card-sized (~85x54x1mm)
Material: Highly Flammable Modified Biopolymer
Waterproof; Works Even When Wet

CONVENIENT: Ultra lightweight and fits anywhere an ID or credit card would fit
VERSATILE: Start it with a lighter, or scrape small shavings to ignite with a spark
PEACE OF MIND: Always there to jumpstart a campfire when you need it