Whitby And Co 8 x 21 Monocular

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Whitby And Co 8 x 21 Monocular


This super compact 8 x 21 monocular measures just 90mm x 30mm and weighs 66g. It comes with an adjustable eyecup and a black nylon carry case and nylon lanyard. The size makes this perfect for travelling and use in the great outdoors.

Whitby And Co 8 x 21 Monocular Specifications and Features:

Lens type: BK7
Field of view: 5.8 °, 101/1000M
Eye relief: 10mm
Closet Focusing: 3M
Waterproof: No

Dimensions: 90mm x 30mm
Weight: 66g

What are the advantages of a monocular?
As they require only one eye, you can simultaneously keep your other eye on your surroundings when using your monocular – useful for when you’re out in the great outdoors. Monoculars are also easily adjustable on the go, making them a good choice for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

Size and Weight is also greatly reduced when compared to binoculars so perfect for hiking trips.