Whitby And Co 8 x 42 Monocular

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Whitby And Co 8 x 42 Monocular

The larger 8 x 42 monocular has a good design, excellent quality and performs very well. Good light gathering and if used to follow birds in flight both depth of field and the area covered at distance makes the task easy. Also ideal for camping, sailing/boating and fishing. Features adjustable eye cups, lens cap covers, a black nylon carry case and lanyard.

Whitby And Co 8 x 42 Monocular Specifications and Features:

Lens type: BAK4
Field of view: 6.3 °, 110/1000M
Eye relief: 18mm
Closet Focusing: 2.5M
Waterproof: No

Dimensions: 160mm x 60mm
Weight: 352g

What are the advantages of a monocular?
As they require only one eye, you can simultaneously keep your other eye on your surroundings when using your monocular – useful for when you’re out in the great outdoors. Monoculars are also easily adjustable on the go, making them a good choice for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

Size and Weight is also greatly reduced when compared to binoculars so perfect for hiking trips.